Most people using Kratom are opioids abusers who are trying to seek an alternative. Although Kratom’s use is hard to restrict, one should embrace a few precautions like ensuring proper regulation. People should be able to tell the amount of dosage they are consuming and how free it is from contamination. It’s advisable to get about them and be made aware of the potential risks and benefits or effects that come along with the intake of Kratom; hence they are less vulnerable. Research is also a way out, and this is aimed at accurate information on the effects and risks involved in using Kratom.

As a user looking into using Kratom for six months and not getting addicted, you should know that how much you take depends on tolerance, physiology, and other factors. A dosage of 3-6 grams will do if you are looking for extended usage. However, it’s not to say it’s a daily dosage but instead make it once or twice a week and, if possible, monthly.

Negative Effects Of Using Kratom

Regular use of Kratom may lead to long term effects. This include:

  1. Loss of Appetite – Regular use of Kratom comes along with outcomes such as loss of weight brought by limited calorie intake as well as eating disorders like Anorexia Nervosa, which can potentially lead to death due to starvation and organ failure.
  2. Liver and kidney damage results when Kratom is used for a very long time in extremely high dosage.
  3. The use of Kratom also leads to constipation, usually due to the slowed down of the digestive system and the bowel for prolonged use of Kratom.
  4. Irritation-it results in the flushing of the skin around the facial area, which sometimes contributes to insomnia and disturbed sleep.
  5. Addiction- just like any other drug, Kratom has an addiction effect manifested by dependence that occurs after abusing the medicine for a long time and in high dosage.

However, it’s not easy to stop abusing the drug after addiction since attempts to stop comes along with effects such as insomnia, nausea, diarrhea and vomiting, aches, and pains. Rather than just quitting the use, some users opt for a strategy whereby they gradually reduce their intake until they finally stop the abuse of Kratom.

How To Make Kratom Effects Stronger

Kratom is believed to act as a stimulant at a lower dosage and also has an opioid-like painkilling effect and sedative properties at a higher dosage. The effects of kratom intake highly depend on the amount of dosage one takes, and many problems are experienced mainly because of the high dosage for a long time. The effect of Kratom to the users can also be highly contributed by the level of the extracts; for instance, some users combine the kratom powder, the leaves, and other forms of the substance. Meaning such users are more prone to addiction.

Also important to note is that Kratom exists in different strains. Some are stronger than others, and thus their effects will be much felt. Knowing the strain, you are using is important so that you know its effects before you become addicted or suffer its side effects due to an overdose.

Final Words

The effects of Kratom is felt ten minutes after intake and can last for up to two to five hours. According to research, there are no apparent benefits of Kratom, though there are claims that it helps in relaxation, pain relief, boost energy, and improve mood.