Kratom products are in conversations and headlines currently. Scientifically, kratom is mitragyna speciosa which is found in the form of long trees in Southeast Asia. kratom might be having soothing and therapeutic nature which is a cause for its use in different treatments.

Kratom is legal to buy in many countries but its use and consumption are still prohibited in many countries. To buy kratom products, it was necessary to make some research and collect reviews, about different kratom vendors.

After performing research, we selected Mitra Genie Kratom vendor and acquired all the basic information of the vendor.

Mitra Genie kratom vendor provides kratom products in Europe. The country which they chose for sourcing kratom is Indonesia. The contact and directly work with the farmers and the harvesters to produce high quality of organic products with no impurities.

The satisfaction of users is their priority which they fulfill with checking the quality of the products. The vendor before supplying kratom products to the customers, taste themselves to be ensured that products taste perfect.

Their customer service is amazing and they give prompt response to their customers.

The vendor delivers the product in 2 to 4 working days within Europe, but sometimes, shipment can be delayed due to some issues.

If they face any issue, they try to figure out problems and work on it with full responsibility. Another star quality of Mitra Genie is their full refund policy if the products are damaged they will give you a 100% money-back guarantee.

Moreover, if the customer doesn’t seem satisfied with the product quality then the product can be replaced or returned.

Customers can easily pay for their products through EMS (Express Mail Service)

Customers are also given tracking number which they can be used to track the order.

What are the Unique Qualities of Mitra Genie that are different from others?

Unique from other vendors, Mitra Genie Kratom vendor has some policies which should be strictly followed. The customers below 18 are not allowed to buy products from them. They don’t want to affect people’s health in a negative way.

Mitra genie Kratom has the customer service staff which is very friendly, unlike other vendors. Most of the kratom vendors in Europe sell their products at a very high rate but Mita Genie Kratom is the most inexpensive kratom vendor in Europe.

Mitra Genie kratom doesn’t deceive their customers. They sell the same products which are displayed on their websites. The product that you order is the same in its texture that is delivered.

Sometimes, the color of kratom powder might be a little bit changed but that’s due to the harvesting process. It is not dangerous for health and safe to use.

All the kratom products are tested before supplying to the customers to maintain their reputation.

What about their Packaging?

Their products have a standard and they don’t sell low standard products. They sell products in two of the forms either kratom powder or kratom capsules. The prices depend on the weight of the ordered product.

The capsules are packed carefully with kratom powder in different kratom strains.